About Us

Tan2Win is a company that was inspired by a love for health, wellness, muscle, and the entire bodybuilding industry. As the owner and former figure competitor, I, Becky Roney, have a genuine love for people and the bodybuilding industry. My first career is that of a Speech Language Pathologist. I spend countless hours working with my clients to improve their quality of life and communication skills. I strive to make every clients needs a priority. It goes without saying that I bring the same level of care and priority to my Tan2Win clients. My team and I are committed to bringing the highest level of customer service as well the highest quality and best looking airbrush tans the industry has to offer.

This year, I am very excited to bring a newer, state of the art airbrush tanning company to the industry. At Tan2Win, we have developed a one of a kind overspray reduction system that is second to none in the entire competition airbrush industry. Although the process of airbrush tanning is safe, it can be a bit messy. Our system reduces airborne vapors and overspray by 90%, resulting in improved air quality and reduces the risk of discoloration that may be caused by airbrush overspray. We are determined to provide our clients the absolute best airbrush tan through precision application, using the best products in the industry in the cleanest possible environment. Our new system also allows for faster drying times for the constants after they receive their airbrush tan. Tan2Win is committed to bringing new, innovative technology to the airbrush industry. We have made the airbrush experience the cleanest and quietest in the entire industry and we are excited to share it with each of you.

At Tan2Win, you will always be greeted with a smile and treated with respect. When you chose to tan with us, we will be with you to the finish. My team and I have over thirty five years combined experience in the airbrush industry, ensuring a perfect tan!

At Tan2Win, the expectation level is high, “Perfection is NOT our goal, It’s our STANDARD!”

Becky Roney, Owner



Perfection is not our goal... it's our standard!